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Author, inspiring speaker, Olympic parent, and accomplished leadership consultant, Kelly is a relatable and humorous storyteller.  She weaves together her years as a successful corporate trainer, college instructor, and world traveler into dynamic presentations that have us all rethinking what authentic leadership means and how we can lead more effectively with some simple changes.   Kelly leaves participants motivated with heightened awareness and feeling better about themselves.   Whether it's a keynote, panel discussion, or a conference breakout session Kelly engages every audience member to a call to action and makes the most of every moment. 

Kelly Rippon MA, CPXP

  • Customer & Patient Experience, Employee Engagement 

  • Corporate Communication Specialist  

  • Women's  Empowerment 

  • Mindfulness & Optimism

  • Kindness, Empathy & Leadership

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Kelly Rippon started her consulting company, Authentic Change, Inc., in 2006 with the mission of “Changing the world one conversation at a time.”  She's traveled extensively across Asia, Europe, and throughout the United States speaking to and interviewing hundreds of people about how the influences they met had shaped their perspectives.  Those conversations combined with her work as a college instructor, corporate trainer and single mother of six incredible children, including her oldest son, Olympic medalist, Adam, prompted her to write, "PARENT UP" (Sourcebooks 2020) an empowering book about developing an effective leadership perspective, while building resiliency, empathy and optimism. 


While Kelly wrote her book through the eyes of a parent, she adapts the concepts to meet the needs of the audience and notes that living each day as an effective leader elevates personal competency and can be a gateway to the next level of success.  She shares stories that offer a fresh outlook that link the reader to their positive influential power.  Kelly also offers actions and behaviors that increase credibility and grow positive habits while also helping us recognize the need to discard the negative influences that work against us. 


Kelly fills her presentations with authentic charm, and influential motivation and breaks down complex issues into understandable pieces.  Whether Kelly is speaking at a college parent orientation, sports coaching conference, or corporate leadership convention,  her expertise from the boardroom to the classroom makes a positive impact, activates cooperative thinking, and brings out the best in people! 

  • Corporate Training, Workshops, Seminars, and Retreats

  • Keynote Speaker 

  • Conference  Breakout SME Presenter 

  • College Guest Speaker (Orientations / Professional Development) 

  • Panelist: Parenting / Child Sports / Writers / Women's Issues / LGBTQ+ Ally  

  • Women's Conferences  and Retreats

  •     Private coaching sessions ​​

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  • Corporate Workshops That Optimize Talent and Maximize Efficiency 

  • Parenting

  • Communication

  • Women’s Empowerment  

  • Mindfulness & Optimism 

  • Kindness, Empathy & Leadership 


Corporate Workshops, Seminars, In-service Sessions and Retreats

Sales, Leadership, Team Building, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Deescalation, Business Communication & Writing, Wellness

Clarifying our communication creates language that invites success, elevates trust and develops a positive collaborative culture. Small changes can bring big results. You can tailor presentations from one hour, half and full day interactive workshops to weekend retreats. Investing in professional and personal development is an investment well spent and brings rapid noticeable results. 



“From T-ball to the Olympics, Optimizing the Sport Experience”

How much activity is too much?  How will I know when they need higher level training?  How will I know if my child has special talents?  When does a parent's support become a distraction?  What are the best ways to communicate with other parents and coaches?  How can coaches and teachers motivate more effectively?  These are just some of the questions covered in this popular topic.  For coaches and teachers communication is key to formulate expectations into a goal strategy.  Parents should maintain a perspective that encourages but doesn't signal expectation of results.  This presentation shares empowering awareness tools that help parents maintain a positive influence for the long-term character building kids deserve while offering unconditional support to their child that raises confidence.  Success in sports, academics or performance activities is more likely when the support team of the child/student work in tandem and support each other as well.  When that happens the experience for everyone is optimized. 

“Good Parents Make Great Leaders!”

Want to know the secret to raising kids or leading a classroom of students that are patient and actively listening?  Kelly takes her corporate training experience and integrates the tenets of Disney World to transform any place into the happiest place on earth!  She shares her four point plan with parents, students, teachers or coaches that increases patience and the likelihood of a successful outcome.  She outlines the preventative steps leaders can take that to erase the waiting worry, keep spirits up and make every moment count.  

“Once a Parent, Forever a Parent for All Children”

Forever parents have an unspoken pledge.  They believe that parents are called to protect all children not just their own children.  A forever parent is an advocate for children’s safety and wellbeing who uplifts those marginalized by their socio-economic circumstances. They fight for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and for the protection of the environment to ensure a safe planet for tomorrow’s child.  Good parents no matter their geographic location, political leaning, or age they share one principle mission to raise the next generation higher.  Get inspired, feel the enthusiasm in the room during this passionate conversation session and become a forever parent.  

“Parents, Kids and College: Extra Long Sheets, Homesickness & Letting Go”

One of the biggest transitions for kids and their parents is the college experience. It can also be one of the most stressful.  This popular presentation is a favorite at college orientation events.  Kelly speaks from experience and credibility having attended over a dozen orientation programs as a parent herself.  When parents hear workable strategies from someone who actually executed them successfully, they listen. Increase your university's student retention by captivating their parent's attention with this engagingly humorous and advantageously informative college prep presentation. 



“Communication Styles: Are You a Rock, Paper or Scissors?”

Effective communicators recognize their messaging style and can quickly assess the dominant style of the people with whom they communicate.  Those that understand the various messaging styles have an enormous advantage in today’s hectic world.  If you’re a rock, you are a kinesthetic communicator and utilize gestures.  You message and connect with feelings.  If you’re a paper communicator your style is visual.  You maximize eye contact and notice details like size, shape, color and position.  If you’re a scissors you are influenced by the auditory components of tone, tenor and the volume of a message.  The best communicators can translate English into English.  Once you reveal your Rock, Paper or Scissors style you’ll gain confidence that you can understand others and are being understood in turn.  Increase your knowledge of the styles and cross train for greater flexibility.  

“Your Resting Face: Influence of Non-verbal Communication"

Kelly explains the importance of body language and the influence our verbal

delivery has on our communication.  The attached video clip was taken from a

keynote presentation Kelly gave to an academic team at a university 

professional development event.  In the clip she demonstrates the effect

tone has on our communication.  She emphasizes communication is a two

way street, one individual delivers the message, another receives it.  Whether

you are selling an idea, motivating a team or creating your self-talk, clarity in

your communication makes getting what you want more probable.  It makes

inspiring the people in your life more possible. 



Women’s Empowerment

“Power Up: Recharge Your Spirit without Reinventing Your Life"

Ladies, recharge your spirit, align your assets and stop apologizing for your awesomeness! Uncover your best self and learn to embrace her!

Power Up is a full day seminar filled with opportunities to uncover your true passions, grow the confidence to ignite them and restore your optimism to be grateful for them.  Women end this empowering workshop with a wider perspective, a detailed success plan and an energized purpose to follow it.  If you’re tired of getting in your own way, tired of feeling guilty and tired of getting more pressure than support from the team around you, then it’s time to Power Up!  

Join us for shame free empowerment conversations that promote uncluttered thinking and offer the communication toolset so you can finally say what you want without excuses.   (You can customize The Power Up event to be all day retreat workshop or tailored to be a keynote or breakout



“The Power of a Single Minute”

A great book grabs your attention in the first few paragraphs.  By utilizing the power of the first minute you’ll gain the commanding tools that script your day, heighten the engagement of your relationships and increase the efficiency of every task you start.  Learning to properly present the tone and expectation sets you up to obtain the most effective result.  Practicing the power of the first minute in any situation will pull you into a cycle of success.  

“The Magic of Transforming Loss into Love”

Are unexpected interruptions interfering with your progress?  Kelly gives you the toolset to develop an optimistic outlook.  It's far more than positive thinking it's energized positive doing!  Knowing how to re-frame a situation allows you to see the potential in disappointments by collecting the possibility and filtering out the negative bias.  Transforming loss into love and perceived failure into success is exercising your perspective.  While health experts encourage people to hit the gym for maximum fitness, people shouldn’t forget the importance of a good mind workout with perspective training. 


Empathy & Leadership 

 "The ABCs of EQ and Emotional Intelligence”

Are you curious what makes you tick and also wonder what you may do that ticks others off?  Emotional efficacy is the hottest topic in today’s business development arena. The IQ (intelligence quotient) will get you the job, the EQ (emotional quotient) will get you promoted at that job. Understanding human emotional triggers, managing their expression, and having the keen ability to survey and react with others grows honest relationships.  When people feel understood and respected, they contribute more.  Leading with the empathy skills explained in the ABCs of EQ results in reduced conflict, elevated value, and negotiation that is productive and trusting.  Learning the ABCs of EQ is as simple as one, two three!  




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